The Skimboard -Brad Domke’s take.

Welcome to The Domke Show! Let’s change the Skimboard.

We’ve all seen it, admired it, and even wished we’d thought of it. The adulation we gave Brad Domke with 1.5 million YouTube views when he had the audacity to skimboard a monster wave in Puerto Escondido in 2014. That gives the sort of credence you rarely see in a sport like skimboarding. After all, it’s still a niche sport. Who would use such basic equipment to ride these waves of consequence?

Well, Brad does and he’s been doing it for years and there’s one reason why. Because he can. He believes traditional skimboarding has always been too narrow. Why don’t we try something bigger and bolder? Hence, Brad has poured his knowledge and experience into his own brand of skimboards. We call it the “Switchblade,” a pro skimboard model that fields the right amount of rail taper and a fatter nose meant for the wilder expeditions we crave when sand and surf isn’t enough.

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The Domke Show Brad on his Pro Model Skimboard

Brad Domke on his Pro Model Skimboard