Progressive Skimboarding

 The DOMKE Story

Brad was born in Bradenton, Florida, yet his surf and skimboard journey all began along the golf of Mexico while on vacation at the age of 11. After learning how to surf and skimboard there he was hooked. By the age of 13, his family moved to the east coast of Florida, which allowed him to begin pursuing his surfing and skimboarding career. It was then that he started competing in local contests. While being inspired through music and being around other talented surfers and skimboarders whom he learned from along the way, he continued to grow and develop in the sport.

Within a year, he began taking things to the next level and started traveling for skimboarding competitions. It was during this time that he started experimenting away from the sand and would paddle his skimboard into surf waves, charting a path for a whole new approach to surfing finless. He discovered there were really no rules. The only rule he found was to just enjoy riding waves anyway you like.

At 15, Brad began to compete in professional events. Skimboarding truly shaped and defined him. Although, he never abandoned his passion for surfing. “Surfing standard surfboards has always been just as important to me. I would bring my surfboard everywhere I would go when I traveled for skim. After a few years of traveling for skimboarding, competing in contests and filming for skim videos, I started to film both sports on all of my trips.” During his early twenties, Brad would mainly travel to Mexico. It was there that he found the kind of surf that fit his needs. “At 25 years old I towed in on a jetski into the biggest wave ever ridden on a skimboard. Riding that wave for me opened new doors for the future of where I wanted to bring my crafts and skills in the ocean. I was obsessed with the new sport of big wave finless surfing which is what led me to this wave.” In Puerto Escondido Brad caught a 40 foot beast completely finless. Imagine holding a rail with no fins. Let alone, riding down the line of a 40 foot wave with the only fins being the rails themselves. Brad still holds the world record for surfing the largest wave finless.

Since then, skimboarding has brought Brad to many amazing surf destinations. He’s been able to enjoy riding in world class surf, and even landed his own TV show, “The Domke Show.” During these past few years, Brad has been dialing in the ultimate boards for his surf and skim needs. With 18 years of experience of being fully immersed in the sport, Brad’s passion now has been to help create and perfect both surf and skimboards in order to make his pro designs fully accessible to anyone from the beginner to the advanced, from adult to the little grom.

B. Domke