DOMKE Pro Custom Model


Domke pro model is an all-around design that can be used in a variety of conditions for anyone. Take this board anywhere you want and you’ll be set. This design comes with a standard round tail with a width in standard proportion to its height.

Hand-crafted in the USA.

    Your traditional fiberglass construction, which is the classic construction in the surf industry.  It's what boards have been made out of for the last 60+ years.

    Premium epoxy/ special strength fiberglass, which is an upgrade that delivers more durability with less flex.  

    This carbon fiber blend is extremely strong and durable, giving no flex. A premium choice for ultimate durability and stiffness.

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    The Low End Rocker

    The Low End Rocker is approximately .125" tail with a 2.25" nose. This is great for smaller waves if you need a little more speed and go a little faster.

    The High End Rocker

    The High End Rocker is approximately .125" tail with a 2.75" nose. This is great for bigger waves, to go over chop, and to get into steeper waves.

    The DOMKE Rocker

    The DOMKE Rocker is approximately .125" tail and 2.5" nose. This is a happy medium which is versatile for all conditions.

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    Pick Your Colors & Design

    Now it's time to choose your color(s).  Your board comes standard with one color.  For more options, check out Upgrade 1, 2, and 3.  We offer many designs from the tail dip to our signature looks shown on our featured boards. 

    Single solid color all around. Carbon boards will have a brushed carbon look.

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    This upgrade allows you to have your board dipped or have a different color for each side. Choose an option below.

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    This upgraded option is if you're wanting more creative designs such as a brushed look or our signature 'Acid Splash' design. It comes in its standard/original design as well as more variations that can be found in Upgrade 3. Choose an option below.

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    If you really want a customized look for your board, this would be the upgrade option for you.  Check out the Swatches in the photos to see examples of these variations. Choose an option below.

    Note: If you like the featured photo then you will want to choose the 'Tie-Dye Acid Splash- Striped.'

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    Note: Carbon fiber boards have a rough brushed semi-transparent look. Accents of carbon will show throughout the board.  See design swatches for reference. 

    Note: All designs are handmade and no two designs are exactly the same.  We try to produce the same look requested. However, we cannot guarantee your board will look exactly as the samples shown.  Many variables come into play, such as board construction, colors chosen, and temperature. These variable play a role in helping to create your unique design. 

    If you want to add an extra color to your design, choose an extra color.  Let's say you want the tail dipped in a second color so you choose 'Tail Dip'.  But you would like the nose dipped in a 3rd color.  Simply pick an extra color and leave a comment in the 'Special Instructions' that the 3rd color is for a Nose Dip.  

    Need more examples or ideas?  Let's say you like the brushed look but you want the top of the board red, the bottom of the board blue, and the accent color white.  You would choose an extra color and write in the special instructions where you want the 3rd color to go.  

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    Special Instructions

    If there is anything special you want with your custom board order, please tell us here. If we have questions we will contact you.